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Danny Lover & Wes Murray 'Career Suicide' (Digital)


Product: Digital
Release Date: 05.08.16

01. Suicide Call
02. Acid Lunch
03. Only One
04. The New 46
05. Ether (skit)
06. Ghosts
07. Will I Ever (See You Again)
08. Arizona 09. Rolling (skit)
10. Chunk

The story begins in the frigid hells of a Canadian winter. Hometown hero, Danny Lover, is still sombre due to the sudden ascension of 19.thou$and. Barely leaving the condo for weeks at a time, Danny continues to search for the answers he needs in various vaults left by the mysterious producer.

“19 was hard to understand. I knew him his entire life and it was just fascinating observing him day to day. He was eerie by nature; speaking in somewhat of a code, moving frequently and befriending none.”
- Danny Lover 2015

In January of 2015, a strange demo of 3 songs remixed by 19.thou$and (including 'That Thunder'), were unearthed and soon became an obsession for Danny. After an extensive search, the vocals were finally attributed to local Perth County folk rock artist, Wes Murray.

With extreme curiosity, Danny was able to source Wes Murray’s number through a mutual friend, who had previously heard the demo and recognised his voice. The phone call was brief: Danny requested a
meeting and address - ironically Wes had been living in the same building as Danny, only three floors up.

It is still unknown how 19 was able to find this Wes Murray 3 song demo, as it is claimed that only Wes and his brother had access to the unreleased project. The vocals for ‘That Thunder’ were rerecorded
and finalized for Danny's 2015 album release 'My Best Friends Keep Dying'. Shortly after, the duo then began working together on a full length project, aptly entitled ‘Career Suicide’ due to the unlikely combo of a folk and rap artist. This was an album that would immediately become the sole priority of their lives for the next 6 months.


Produced by 19.thou$and (R.I.P.)
Vocals by Danny Lover & Wes Murray
All tracks mixed by Wes Murray
Mastered by Wes Murray

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