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Danny Lover 'My Best Friends Keep Dying' (Digital)


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Black September Intro
02. Singapore
03. Raise The Roof ft. Micon
04. Boo-Yaka-Sha
05. MyBestFriendsKeepDying
06. WWLSD ft. Luke Luscious
07. OJ Pimpson
08. Jesus
09. How Long
10. That Thunder ft. Wes Murray

Welcome to the world of Justin Bieber's fellow Stratfordian/Canadian Playboy Magazine favourite, Danny Lover. 

Hailing from the heart of Perth County, (Stratford, Onratio), Danny is a former freelance relationship agony uncle columnist and love letter ghost writer for hire. Sick of bouncing cheques and low paying features in local newspapers, Danny decided to put all of his time and effort into his first love and passion; rap music. The result: "My Best Friends Keep Dying", posthumously produced in full by former best friend and life coach 19.thou$and (r.i.p).

In Danny's own words "the album is a homage to all the people I have lost in my life. Specifically a thank you to 19.thou$and. Misery loves comedy and it just kind of happened that my girl moved to Japan and I was stuck in this unfurnished house with nothing but a bunch of recording gear for 6 months. I would wake up at 5am sometimes and just smoke cigarettes and write and record shit."

Danny has crafted a nonchalant, snail paced rap style, which feels like it was thought up late at night in the corner of a smoke filled, half empty pool hall, in some sleepy town somewhere that you would only visit if you had family living there. A dream-like journey through the life and times of a blasé, chain smoking creative who has a penchant for downers, cigarettes and women. 


Produced by 19.thou$and (R.I.P) 
Vocals by Danny Lover
All tracks mixed by Micon
Mastered by Micon

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