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Lee Scott 'Happy Sellout Sh!t' (Digital)-Blah Records-Music--Blah Records

Lee Scott 'Happy Sellout Sh!t' (Digital)


Product: Digital
Release Date: 10.01.12

Track List:
01. Whodafortpartone
02. Whodafortparttwo
03. Wokeupthismornin
04. Back2Wrk
05. Ineedbeats
06. GMBSTD3Style

The story of a rap singer come full time thug trying to make it in the industry in 2012 with his new cassette tape he made in 1934 that he swears will go platinum today if somebody (major record label) gives him a few quid (1 million Euros). There is a catch though obviously, our hero has only one copy of this demo tape and it just so happens to be stuck in his tape deck. This means he has to carry it around with him along with an amp and some speakers in order to play this potential platinum classic demo tape to major record label executives. We managed to retrieve a copy and have decided against the artists wishes to leak it.

Tracks 1, 2, 5 & 6 produced by Lee Scott
Track 3 produced by Lee Scott, Reklews & Sly Moon
Track 4 produced by Cruicky
All tracks recorded by Lee Scott
All tracks mixed by Lee Scott

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