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Lee Scott 'Lee's Got Beats' (Digital)-Music-Blah Records-Blah Records

Lee Scott 'Lee's Got Beats' (Digital)


Product: Digital
Release Date: 03.09.12

Track List:
01. Brick Pelly Keeps it Real (Instrumental)
02. Anti-Intelligence (Instrumental)
03. Holy Smokes (Instrumental)
04. Pelican Phonetics (Instrumental)
05. Hock Tu (Instrumental)
06. Cold Sag Anthem (Instrumental)
07. Fucked in The Head Music (Instrumental)
08. OAP Thug Shit (Instrumental)
09. Attention Citizens (Instrumental)
10. Bolt Cutters (Instrumental)
11. Don't Talk To Frank (Instrumental)
12. Beer Money (Instrumental)
13. Damnednation (Instrumental)
14. Hit The Ground Screamin (Instrumental)
15. Dumb iLL (Instrumental)
16. No Goodnick (Instrumental)
17. Ritalin Adventures (Instrumental)
18. Puppet (Instrumental)

Produced by Lee Scott
All tracks mixed by Lee Scott
Mastered by Lee Scott
Artwork by Lee Scott

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