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Lee Scott 'Tin Foil Fronts' (Digital)-Blah Records-Music--Blah Records

Lee Scott 'Tin Foil Fronts' (Digital)


Product: Digital
Release Date:

Track List:

01. V Is For Valium
02. GM Smooth
03. Yes He Did
04. Master Lee
05. Tunnel Deep
06. Re Lax
07. Pie Eyed (ft Bang On!)
08. Bitch Pitched Down
09. Puta (ft Trellion, Don Silk & Sniff)
10. Frankensdime
11. Lactofree
12. Sleep
13. Feelohsofickle
14. Goat Rap
15. Foil Fronts
16. Puta Sumgii Remix (ft Trellion, Don Silk & Sniff)

'Tin Foil Fronts' is a musical experiment by Lee Scott (rapper, producer, artist, video director and cult leader) who originates from the industrial new town of Runcorn. 

The album was written and recorded entirely from the comfort of a La-Z Boy recliner, on mild dosages of Diazepam, in the living room of a flat somewhere near Park Road, Liverpool. The La-Z Boy would be precisely reclined at an angle in which the limited edition, Blah Records T-shirt hanging from the indoor washing line above, would create a shadow covering his eyes, thus shielding them from the glare of an exposed 100w light bulb dangling from the ceiling above. Within arm's reach was a handful of betting shop pens, a pile of various bills and court summons letters to write on, a borrowed microphone, a Yamaha AW1600 recording desk (also borrowed), a broken drum machine, an old analogue keyboard and a 6oz stainless steel Masonic hip flask which he has no recollection of ever purchasing. Occupying one of the living room's four corners was a bulky old 90’s television/VHS player, with either 'They Live' or the full OJ Simpson car chase video, playing on mute at all times for inspiration.

Lee would occasionally leave the comfort of the recliner to fry mince with a rustic spatula; the remaining speckles of metallic paint on its handle glinting in the flickering strobe-like- effect caused by the broken fluorescent light in the kitchen, or to unlock the door for ex-girlfriends who were kind enough to bring him supplies, and whisky. After a few weeks into the project whilst on a rare trip to the off license, Lee noticed a suspicious hatchback van parked across the street. Now freshly out of Diazepam, and fast running low on whisky, he decided the wisest course of action would be to finish up the album and get the fuck out of dodge. So, he spent one last night recording before collecting his belongings, skipping town and abandoning the flat, before they found him.

The album features Bang On!, Trellion & Sniff of Bad Taste Recordings and reunites Lee with former Children of The Damned crew mate and fellow Mcabre Brother Don Silk (formerly known as Monster Under The Bed) of Piff Gang. Production is predominately handled by Reklews and Lee Scott himself with contributions from 19.thou$and, Drae, 2late, Sniff, Cruicky and Sumgii.


Track 1 produced by 19.thousand (R.I.P)
Track 2 produced by 2late
Track 3 produced by Drae
Tracks 4,11,12 & 13 produced by Lee Scott
Tracks 5,6,10,14 & 15 produced by Reklews
Tracks 7 & 8 produced by Cruicky
Track 10 produced by Sniff
Track 16 produced by Sumgii
All tracks mixed by Reklews
Mastered by Reklews
Artwork by Lee Scott

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