Lee Scott & Sly Moon - FDMB Album Launch

Two doses of good news for you right here, starting with the announcement that Lee Scott and Sly Moon have made an album together. Titled FDMB (Flipping Dough Making Bread), the album is the solid gold, funk-tinted odyssey that fans...

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Cult Of The Damned - The Church Of (Bandcamp release)

Good news for all you hungry Cult members who missed out on the vinyl release of The Church Of, as today marks the release of the digital version, exclusive to Bandcamp. Featuring 15 COTD tracks, including features from Friends of the...

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Black Josh - Get Meh

Another fresh serving of dope from Black Josh, as we continue to pave the way for the release of his new album. Get Meh is co-produced by Hyroglifics and Rob Penny, while the video was filmed by Ellisdawg and is further...

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Cult of The Damned - The Church Of (Limited Edition 12" Double Gatefold Hypnodisc Vinyl)


Product: Hand numbered (of 250), Limited Edition 12" Double Gatefold 'Hypnodisc' vinyl with full lyric spread and bespoke, printed card inner sleeves. 

Shipping: 06/09/21



Side 1
Internal Error
Worship ft CLBRKS

Side # 2
Norman's Theme
AB NO / Red Leicester

Side # 3
Gung Foo
Skid Row
Step ft Danny Lover
Good News ft Bang On!

Side # 4
Brick Pelican's Lament
Henny Shots Pts. 1 & 2 ft CLBRKS

Executive producer:
Lee Scott
Mixing and mastering: Reklews

1, 2, 4, 6, 7 (Red Leicester), 10 & 11 produced by Lee Scott, Sniff & Jack Chard
3, 5, 7 (AB NO), 12, 14 & 15 produced by Lee Scott & Jack Chard
5 produced by Sniff & Jack Chard
9 produced by Lee Scott, Jack Chard & Bisk
8 & 13 produced by Lee Scott

James Neilson

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Nah Eeto - Room ft. Ohms Law Montana

Danny Lover - Me

Jam Baxter - Salsa Valentina

Cult of The Damned - Gung Foo // Worship ft. CLBRKS

Sly Moon - Why Am I So Sly?

Black Josh x Milkavelli - Fisher Price

Salar - Under Pressure

Swamp Harbour - Indacity Pt. III