Blah Records' Managing Director and co-owner; Salar, spent the first year of his life in Sari, Iran, but spent most of his childhood raised in a place in North-West England called 'The Wirral' thereafter. Most of his teenage and early adult years were spent hanging around the city of Liverpool in the early days of pre-Blah music-making with Lee Scott and Bill Shakes, before settling long-term in London where's he's been since 2010. 

He first emerged on the scene in the early 2000's as a rapper along side Lee Scott as Antiheroes. All the early praise they received probably - no.. DEFINITELY went to his head. He deemed himself 'the illest' many years ago, then simply decided that his work on 'these stupid humans' planet was done. An ego that powerful can defeat a man, and that is nearly what happened to our esteemed Antihero. Measures were taken in response such as self-confinement to an extended period of intense 450x gravity training, humble contemplation and psychedelic journeying as a nomad drifting around the Alborz mountains. After years of wandering and pondering, the mighty Salartacus finally returned to the fold, ready to develop and use the gifts he was endowed with by the Gods, who he inherently refuses to acknowledge as superior.

He also possesses the ability to teach himself almost anything in a short amount of time, be it how to run and develop a company, or churning out infectious riffs and melodies on bass guitar and synthesizers as the producer/musician/instrumentalist he has evolved into. Check out Sohio Players; the production duo comprised of Sly Moon and Salar to see what we mean.




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Antiheroes - 'Middle Finger Salute' (2003)


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