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Salar - Blah Records

Blah Records' Managing Director, co-owner and O.G. founding member; Salar, spent the first year of his life in Sari, Iran, but was raised in a quaint place called 'The Wirral' thereafter. This kidda...This kidda... Na... This the type of guy that will tear a beat a new vagina after taking it to a dimly lit room for two hours before emerging rather smugly, after having opened the door for the ravaged track first of course - ever the gentleman. He can go from refined and respectable pillar of the community to street brawler within seconds - ask your local neighborhood bully or unreasonably aggressive nightclub bouncer...

Since infancy, S has been repeatedly heralded as an elite being by adoring family members (himself at least, and his mum). He first emerged on the scene in the early 2000's along side rhyme partner Lee Scott as Antiheroes, who were, and still are regarded as some of the best rappers around today. All the praise probably, no, DEFINITELY went to his head. He deemed himself the illest many years ago then smugly decided that his work on "these stupid humans" planet was complete. An ego that powerful can defeat a man, and that is nearly what happened to our revered Antihero. Measures were taken in response such as banishing himself to an extended period of intense 450x gravity training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, humble contemplation and psychedelic journeying as a nomad drifting around the Zagros mountains. After years of wandering and pondering, the mighty Salartacus has returned to the fold and is finally able to wield his immense power without destroying himself in the process... He just hadn't cared enough to fully use the gifts he was endowed with by the Gods (who he rejects as superior)... until now...



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Antiheroes - 'Flows For The Contemporary Urban Gentleman' (2011)

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Children of The Damned & Brad Strut - 'Just Drink EP' (2009)

Children of The Damned - 'Brick Pelican' (2009)

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