• Originally founded in 2006 as a concept by Lee Scott and Alex Jennings - Blah Records has today become one of the UK's most consistent independent record labels.
  • It began falling into place when a period of growing hype built up by a very young Antiheroes (Lee Scott & Salar) led to the meeting between them and a certain Monster Under The Bed (now known as Milkavelli) during a headline Antiheroes show in London in 2004.
  • Disenfranchised young people of different socio-economic backgrounds united in a way that few things like music are able to achieve. The result was the merging of the creative talents who assembled to form the notorious Children of The Damned crew who became synonymous with Blah Records.
  • Molotov/Alex Jennings (High Focus Records) initially set up the label as a company with Lee Scott and had a significant role in making the early COTD albums a reality. In an official capacity, the company and legal entity was short lived the first time round however and dissolved soon after formation when Alex had to leave to go back to his native Switzerland for personal reasons. This left Lee Scott short of a manager to handle business affairs while he focused on creative matters. Lee continued regardless and he and the label continued to produce music and put it out under the Blah brand/concept.


  • Enter Reklews, who became involved in Blah circa 2009/10, after COTD - 'Brick Pelican' was released. He took on responsibilities behind the scenes and was a key man in helping run the business for some years before leaving his post to also concentrate on creative output, being superseded in managerial responsibilities by Salar in 2015.

  • A year earlier In 2014, Blah had it's first intake of new artists and friends who became part of the cult including Black Josh, Stinkin Slumrok, Bisk and Blah’s first artist from outside of the UK; Danny Lover.


  • In 2015, a reformation of the legendary COTD crew occurred. Now called Cult of The Damned, this group includes the original members as well as the new.


  • In 2016, 'Blah Records Limited' was a registered company once more, this time formed by Salar, the now Managing Director who had taken over the management and stewardship of the label from Reklews a short time before.


  • In 2017, Blah welcomed its first female artist on the roster; Nah Eeto.


  • In 2018 Blah launched its first self-funded and organised UK tour with Cult of The Damned which sold out all 7 venues.


  • The catalogue volume of released music projects by the label reached a landmark 100 titles (and counting) in 2018.


  • In 2019, the British Library approached Blah Records with the offer to induct its back catalogue and all future releases into the national archive.


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