Hock Tu Down

Hock Tu Down - Blah Records

Originally making a name for themselves as top Grammaton Clerics; Dr. Scott and Reklews had stopped taking their Prozium a long time ago. They let their supplies mount up in a top secret stash spot hidden within the dreaded proletariat regions of a distant dystopian Northern England future. When they had decided they had stashed enough Prozium, they took to the streets to get rich. Two steps ahead of the Thought Police; by the time these brutal law enforcers actually figured out Reklews and the Doctors plot to take over "deez streets", they had already made enough money to build a time machine in order to escape certain peril... so they did just that; they built a f$£%!&g time machine. When finally arriving in the 21st century, their future money was worthless but their skills were not. They took to the major drug companies with plans to become #1. No longer able to top-up their supplies of Prozium they turned the drug into a sound and Hock Tu Down was born. They will both spit down that this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but an insane blag to rob you of your mind.


Hock Tu Down - 'Something Strange' (2010)
Hock Tu Down - 'Prozium Peddlin' (2009)



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