The Cult of Blah.

The Blah Cult will keep putting out the high quality material that has given us the reputation as one of the, if not the most supremely-loved, legendary, heroic icons of the multiverse today. We also know that to achieve our mission of world domination and mind control, we must continue to deliver premium, elite music and the most desired and rarest of finely crafted garments.
It helps then that we are truly great people who have your best interests at heart.
In fact, we are rated at 10/10 for greatness.
We encourage you to be the best that you can be too by giving us all of your monetary reserves from now on.
It's safer with us, and you need to purge yourself of sinful behaviour you have become accustomed to such as money hoarding.
Yes, you are filthy and need cleansing.
It cannot be denied any longer.
Fear not however, for you have come to the right place.
The Blah Cult shall save you all one by one and deliver purity of soul to the most dedicated among you by dispelling the evil currencies corrupting your sacred divine auras!

In exchange for salvation all we ask in return is for you to satisfy our need of eating good food and wearing gold chains.
We don't need to eat per se, but even deities enjoy culinary treats just as much as mortals. We do need to wear jewellery however, to harness chi and channel the spiritual guidance we save your lives every day with.
More gold = you get saved more.
At Blah we promise to stay true to ourselves, and above all we promise to never rap about chem-trails (unironically).


- The Blah Family Gang aka Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate
Blah Records is a small team of currently 3-5 people including music artists on the label themselves. Every time you cop from Blah, a cut of the money is going to the label which is strictly used for funding more music projects, music videos and merch, as well as paying for running costs/overheads. The majority of the money goes as royalties to all the artists involved who collaborate to create the art that Blah provides, helping them continue to create. Blah is ran by artists, for artists.
Blah is led by Lee Scott & Salar who are the co-owners of the label and between them perform most of the key roles although their roles do tend to overlap in many areas.
Salar: Co-owner/Managing Director 
Lee Scott: Co-owner/Creative Director


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