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History so far.


Founded in 2006 by original members of the infamous Children of The Damned crew, Blah is more than music, a record label or a clothing brand.
Initial hype built by a very young Antiheroes (Lee Scott & Salar) led to the meeting between them and a certain person now known as Milkavelli, and the other original COTD members during a headline show in London. Soon after, two groups merged into one and created Children of The Damned.
Releasing music under our own independent label was something we collectively wanted to do from the start, and the self-made independent label known as Blah became a reality thanks to the collective efforts of everyone involved, especially Lee Scott who came up with the name Blah and was (and still remains) a key driving force, as well as Molotov who helped set up the legal and business side of things, also having a key role in making the early COTD albums a reality. (Molotov later helped turn High Focus Records into what they are today.)
Reklews became involved in Blah not long after COTD - Brick Pelican was released and before long also took over the business management responsibility which kept Blah ticking over for a number of years.

In 2014, Blah had an intake of new artists and friends who became part of the family gang. Young, up and coming artists such as Black Josh, Stinkin Slumrok and Blah’s first international artist, the Canada-based Danny Lover, came through with their debut Blah releases.
In 2015, a reformation of the legendary COTD crew occurred. Now called Cult of The Damned, this group includes the original members as well as the new.

Also since 2015, Salar has assumed the role of label/business director and takes care of Blah affairs.
The Cult of Blah.

The Blah Cult will keep putting out the high quality material that has given us a reputation as one of the icons of the world you know today. We will never change to fit with the latest pop trend. We are at heart progressive and unconventional people however and we do like to try new things, but we learn from the greats and keep the spirit of classic Hip Hop alive. We also know that to achieve our mission of world domination and mind control, we must continue to deliver premium, elite, super blah god-level rap music.
It helps then that we are truly great people who have your best interests at heart.
In fact, SW£G.COM rates us at 10/10 stars for greatness.
We are this way because we allow ourselves to be, we picture it and then it is done.
We encourage you to be the best that you can be too.
We also encourage you to give us all of your dough from now on.
It's safer with us, and you need to purge yourself of these sinful behaviours you have become accustomed to such as money hoarding.
Yes, you are filthy and need cleansing.
It cannot be denied any longer.
Fear not however, for you have come to the right place.
The Blah Cult shall save you all one by one and deliver purity of soul to the most dedicated among you by dispelling the evil currencies corrupting your auras!

In exchange for salvation all we ask in return is for you to satisfy our need of eating good food and wearing gold chains.
We don't need to eat per se, but deities enjoy culinary treats just as much as mortals. We do need to wear jewellery however, to harness chi and channel the spiritual guidance we save your lives every day with.
More gold = you get saved more.
At Blah we promise to stay true to ourselves, and above all we promise to never unironically rap about chem-trails.


- The Blah Family Gang aka Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate