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The highly elusive enigma (there seems to be quite a few of those within the Blah ranks) that is Sly Moon... a fan favourite rapper and natural musician who has the funk, jazz and blues embedded in his fingers. Also a Poker King who will take your money if you're a donk or a fish, kid. You can bet your bottom dollar on that, see. Adored by COTD fans, Blah just wouldn't be the same without him.

Sly Moon’s rare rhymes have been revered since appearing on group projects from Blah Records since 2006. To truly understand the cult heroic nature of the casino dwelling rapper, timeless tracks like Sly Moon Funk and Money On Tap featuring Eliza Doolittle are good starting points.
Sporadic features on Cult of The Damed’s two albums in as many years have been cherished by fans, who have long wondered: what does a solo project from the enigmatic Sly Moon sound like?
The debut Sly Moon album 'Why Am I So Sly?' was finally completed and brought to the world in 2020. The entirely sample-free project was self-produced and self-played and handled mostly by Sohio Players; the production duo consisting of Sly Moon & Salar. The time of Sly Moon Funk is upon us.




Sly Moon 'Why Am I So Sly?' (2020)

Cult of The Damned - 'Part Deux: Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate (2018)

Cult of The Damned - 'Cult of The Damned EP' (2015)

Children of The Damned 'Brick Pelican' (2009)

Children of The Damned 'Tourettes Camp' (2007)



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