Nah Eeto

Singer, model, videographer, rapper; there is seemingly no end to Nah Eeto's talents. The Nairobi native has spent the last couple of years bridging the gap between Kenyan and UK hip hop, by creating a fusion style of rap which draws on influences from both cultures.

Tracks like Judge Judy have shown how effective that blend of styles is, bringing a refreshing new energy to the UK scene in the process. That energy is forged in part by Nah's production choices, which display a perhaps more experimental and exploratory feel than the Blah standard. Her bilingual bars also play their part in Nah's appeal, as she seamlessly switches from Swahili to English in a style reminiscent of Oddisee's flashes of Arabic lyricism.

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Nah Eeto - 53 (2019)

Nah Eeto ft. Lee Scott - What Happened To Me, Auntie? (2018)



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