Morris A. R. Chi (or 'Miggzy' as he is known in non-rap circles) has been lurking for many a year now. Rumoured to be from a lineage of Ukrainian-Italian noblemen and iron ore merchants, he mysteriously appeared alongside the banks of the River Sheaf, Sheffield as a young bairn. He was swiftly taken in by local steel industry owners who identified his genetically-memorised knowledge of iron ore and put it to full use, the shrewd bas****s. Fast forward to the 21st century and Morriarchi is now, inexplicably, a beat-maker/producer virtuoso with a growing repertoire of releases to his name.




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Stinkin Slumrok x Morriarchi - 'Morrstinkin' (2017)

Stinkin Slumrok x Morriarchi - 'Morrstinkin EP' (2017)

Morriarchi - 'Restbyte' (2016)

Morriarchi - 'Buggzville Sessions' (2016)

Morriarchi - 'Weight' (2016)

Morriarchi - 'BuGGstrumentalS' (2015)

Cheech x Morriarchi - 'Kush Garden' (2014)

Sniff x Morriarchi - 'The Brainwave Canvas' (2013)

Figment - 'Bag Of Illy EP' (2012)

Morriarchi - 'The Outer Sphere' (2011)

The Silent Ones - 'The Silent Ones' (2011)

The Kush Twins - 'The Skelly Zone' (2011)