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Sam Zircon

Sam Zircon

Sam Zircon - Blah Records (
Coming straight from the Swamp, Sam Zircon is a rising beat-maker/producer with a growing number of acclaimed Hip Hop and ambient releases under his belt. Quirky, versatile and trippy-vibed instrumentals as well as straight up ill beats that rappers love to rap over. Zircon has a multitude of styles that all sound like 'him'.



Cult of The Damned - 'Part Deux: Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate (2018)

Lee Scott & Black Josh - 'Attack of the 50,000 ft SWEG LAWDS from OUTER SPACE' (2018)

Earthworm Grim x Goosewater 'Serotonin PLZ' (2017)

Sam Zircon - 'Anxiety Skits' (2016)
Cappo & Sam Zircon - ‘Un:Programmable Raw’ (2014)


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