Earthworm Grim x Goosewater 'SEROTONIN PLZ' 2.0 (Limited Edition Cassette)

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Product: Cassette
Release Date: 05.06.17

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Limited Edition Tape only project ft Jak Tripper, Jam Baxter & Danny Lover

So basically, the story goes a little something like this... it was an excruciatingly hot evening sometime in one of the months in the year of this year. The pressure was on, we accidentally pressed up 100 tapes with a different arrangement to the track list on the cover. Luckily the pressing plant had also made a wonderful mistake, they accidentally ordered tapes which were wound 2 minutes too short. We put together a crack team of cassette wizards who quickly jumped into action head first with no regards for their own or other peoples safety. We came up with a plan, the plan is too confusing to explain but basically what I'm saying is, this is sort of the same as the original but a bit different. There's a few extra skits and instrumentals and the arrangement is slightly different or something, whatever, let's just all drink vodka with our breakfast orange juice and stfu about it ok. 


Side A
01 Goose Call
02 Bleed Bleed
03 Count On You
04 Here and Now
05 Pint of Eggs
06 Sauvage

Side B
07 Melting ft Jak Tripper, Jam Baxter & Danny Lover
08 Alpaca ft Jak Tripper
09 Romantic
10 Facade & Espionage
11 Sandpaper Slippers

Words by Earthworm Grim
Produced by Goosewater
Recorded by Lee Scott
Mixed and mastered by Sam Zircon



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