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Bisk is a rapper from London who has steadily risen in the ranks of the Blah Cult and cultivated a following of his own accord with several independent releases. With a work rate and level of musical output that has seen him release more projects in one year than most rappers do in their whole careers, he is cementing his own lane in record time. 




Cult of The Damned - 'Part Deux: Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate (2018)

Bisk 'xxxx' (2017)

Bisk 'Cartunes & Serial EP' (2017)

Bisk 'Don't Piss It Off' (2016)

Bisk 'Figaro 3000 EP' (2016)

Bisk ‘Freemorphine’ (2016)

Bisk ‘Raw Sh!t’ (2016)

Cult of The Damned - 'Cult of The Damned EP' (2015)



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