Mr. Wrong (Lee Scott) 'Put On The Glasses' (Cassette)

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Product: Cassette
Shipping from: 24.07.17
Originally released: 08.12.08

For the first time ever, almost 10 years after initial release, Blah Records brings to you a physical analogue version of the first ever Lee Scott album; 'Put On The Glasses'. Considered a classic by Lee Scott fans the world over, it can now be owned on very limited edition cassette tape. Only 100 copies available.


(Written retrospectively by Lee Scott)

"I made this album over a period of about 2 and a half years, it began late 2005/early 2006 and finished late 2008. 

The project was made using an old haggard computer with a cracked copy of windows 2000, various cracked music editing software my friend helped me hook up and a bunch of various pieces of equipment I owned, inherited somehow or borrowed including an old MPC with a few broken pads, a couple of keyboards, a shitty numark mixer held together with tape, a record player, several televisions hooked up to a chipped Sky box for samples and inspiration, a VHS player, a cassette player and a bunch of percussion instruments, cat's toys and childrens toys that made noises. The microphone was plugged directly into the computer somehow. I guess that's how they used to make them. 

The final version of the album was pieced together as one continuous track on a copy of Cool Edit 95 which would often crash in the middle of making some sort of important change. I'd say I made no less than 100 different versions of the album before eventually settling on what you hear here. I mixed and mastered it myself, but I feel like a tit for even using those words like I had a clue what I was doing. A friend of mine helped me to press it up onto CD, I made 250 copies. The front cover was taken in the living room I made the album in using a friends mobile phone. 

The album's title is inspired by the movie They Live."

Track List:

Put Em On 
02. David Icke 
03. Dumb ILL (ft King Grubb)
04. Anti-Intelligence 
05. Fucked In The Head Music (ft Bill Shakes) 
06. Cold Sag Run (ft Children of The Damned) 
07. Hock Tu
08. Child's Play II (ft Bill Shakes)  
09. The Mr. Wrong Show  
10. Blunted Hyena Style (ft Bill Shakes) 
11. Beer Money 
12. Paranoia 
13. No Goodnik 
14. Pie and Chips (ft Salar) 
15. Steam 
16. Take Em Off   

Produced by Lee Scott (except 'David Icke' co-produced by Sly Moon)
All tracks recorded by Lee Scott
All tracks mixed by Lee Scott
Mastered by Lee Scott
Artwork by Lee Scott



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