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Milkavelli - Channel Surfing Video + Merch

By Ginger Slim

Milkavelli - Channel Surfing Video + Merch-Blah Records

Milkavelli leads us into the weekend with his latest little project, as he takes us on his Channel Surfing odyssey. Never one to follow trends or traditions, this new release is a 10 minute ride through a tight selection of suitably wavy beats from Nobodies Home, with Milk's flow as effortless & on point as it ever was. The artwork was done by J. Neilson. We've also released an accompanying long sleeve t-shirt, which you can cop in a range of designs, each featuring one of the TV screens you can see in the video. They're available to order now over on the Blah store. You can catch Milk on the imminent Mcabre Brothers Tour with Lee which kicks off this month. For more details on dates & tickets, check the blog.

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