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News: James Neilson

Milkavelli & Black Josh - SWEGASUS (Pre-Order)

By Ginger Slim

Milkavelli & Black Josh - SWEGASUS (Pre-Order)-Blah Records
History has shown that whenever multiple Cult members join forces for a collaborative project, the resulting release leaves the rap world shaken to its core. And you can expect nothing less from the forthcoming EP from Milkavelli and Black Josh. Swegasus not only features two of the most infamous rappers from the UK shores, but it's also produced in its entirety by Lee Scott. There is also some typically sweg artwork from our regular go-to Illustrator, James Neilson. The release is scheduled for 18 February, with pre-orders for the vinyl and cassette editions available now.

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Danny Lover - I Found Out Where You Live EP

By Ginger Slim

Danny Lover - I Found Out Where You Live EP-Blah Records

What better way to celebrate a passion fuelled weekend, than with a surprise drop from Danny Lover. Featuring four brand new tracks from the Ontario MC, I Found Out Where You Live is produced in its entirety by Jack Chard. You can hear the full EP below, with downloads and streams also available from all the usual platforms. There is also a video for the track Me, which you can watch below. The video was made by Bob Sacamano and the artwork for the EP was done by James Neilson.

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Sly Moon - LP & Merch News

By Ginger Slim

Sly Moon - LP & Merch News-Blah Records

Not content with one Sly post today, now we bring you news of his vinyl release, as well as some affiliated merch, which just landed at HQ. The vinyl version of the album comes in a luxurious picture disc edition, as you can see from the photo below, and is limited to a run of 200. The artwork is by our regular collaborator, James Neilson. It's due to be shipped out on or around 30 November, with pre-orders available now. There is also a cassette version available for pre-order, with a limited run of 50 being produced. They are due to be shipped at the same time as the vinyl.

And then on top of the physical releases, we have an accompanying merch drop to give you that full Sly Moon experience. The Sly Moon Lucky Cap will give you all the good fortune you need, while also giving you the appearance of a person who has it all. It's due for release on 30 November and it's limited to a run of 50. Pre-orders are available now. If you're a Cult Member and you're ordering the cap, cassette and vinyl, you can get £5 off your order by using the code WHYAMISOSLY? at the checkout.

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