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dylantheinfamous - moonloops [vol. 1] cassette release

By Ginger Slim

dylantheinfamous - moonloops [vol. 1] cassette release
Last month we released the first official offering from dylantheinfamous, the Birmingham beat-maker who had already had a hand in a few notable Blah projects. The moonloops vol. 1 release proved very popular and we also know you all like new things, so today we have released a cassette version of the project. Featuring 23 tracks, each written, composed and produced by dylan, the run of tapes is limited to 20, so be quick if you want to get your hands on one. You can place your order now over at the shop.

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Lee Scott 'Nice Swan' Box Set available to pre-order!

By Mr. Blah

Lee Scott 'Nice Swan' Box Set Pre-Order

Recorded between the Blah Mansion in Blackburn and a bedsit somewhere in Kilburn, London using an old borrowed microphone with a sock for a pop filter and a USB soundcard.

Retrospective. Innovative. Futuristic. Vintage.

The 'Nice Swan' album is brought to you using the latest 1970s audio cassette technology and packaged in a glorious luxurious box set complete with Science defying USB Capture Cassette WALKMAN.

Also included in this awe-inspiring bundle is an exclusive Blah lanyard, to be worn only with the finest finesse and opulent aplomb while applying your exclusive 'Nice Swan' sticker (also included in this fantastic once in a life time box set) to an expensive surface of your choosing.

Such innovative and advanced technology is incredibly unstable, one wrong move and the entire universe could and will fold in on itself so we have only been able to safely manufacture 100 pieces. We may of already changed the entire course of existence but we will never know.

Call 0800-LUXURY NOW! (lines closed)



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