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Lee Scott & Hyroglifics - [gate clicks shut] Bandcamp Release

By Ginger Slim

Lee Scott & Hyroglifics - [gate clicks shut] Bandcamp Release-Blah Records

A little earlier than expected due to a minor technical issue, the new album from Lee Scott and Hyroglifics is now available over on Bandcamp. The full digital release will be rolled out within the next 72 hours, but for now head over to Bandcamp and make the most of the (unplanned) exclusive download.

For those of you who aren't aware, [gate clicks shut] is produced in its entirety by Hyroglifics and features guest appearances from Bigg Jus, King Grubb, Black Josh, VAIKE PD, CLBRKS and BeTheGun, plus backing vocals from Lyza Jane.

Signed copies of the LP are also available via Bandcamp, with unsigned editions available over at the shop, as well as the cassette version.

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Lee Scott & Hyroglifics - [gate clicks shut] Pre-order + Merch

By Ginger Slim

Lee Scott & Hyroglifics - [gate clicks shut] Pre-order + Merch-Blah Records

As if you lot weren't already hyped enough about the forthcoming release of the new album from Lee Scott and Hyroglifics, we've now got pre-orders up for grabs, as well as a look at the artwork, packaging and accompanying [gate clicks shut] merch.

First up we have the limited edition vinyl, which comes with an 8 page lyric book to keep in line with the late-90's vibe that the album oozes with. Plus printed inner sleeves featuring artwork designed by Lee himself. Shipping dates will be around 18 August and you can find the pre-orders here.

There is also a cassette version of the album, which again features the full lyrics printed on the inlay card and a recycled pearl coloured tape. It's limited to 50 copies, making it a proper collector's edition. They are shipping immediately, with order info available here.

And finally we have the Lee Scott Cross Face all over print short sleeve shirt, which features the happy and sad cross faces from the artwork over woven rayon fabric, with added breast pocket sweg. Pre-orders for the shirts are available now.

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dylantheinfamous - MOONLOOPS [Vol. 2] is Out Now

By Ginger Slim

dylantheinfamous - MOONLOOPS [Vol. 2] is Out Now-Blah Records

The latest project from producer and all round beat wizard, dylantheinfamous, was officially released yesterday. Carrying on the work of its predecessor, MOONLOOPS [VOL. 2] weighs in at 21 tracks and is available for your listening pleasure in both digital and cassette formats. We've included a preview below to get a taste of what's on offer, then head over to the shop to get your hands on the limited edition beat tape. All relevant links are available here.

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Sly Moon - LP & Merch News

By Ginger Slim

Sly Moon - LP & Merch News-Blah Records

Not content with one Sly post today, now we bring you news of his vinyl release, as well as some affiliated merch, which just landed at HQ. The vinyl version of the album comes in a luxurious picture disc edition, as you can see from the photo below, and is limited to a run of 200. The artwork is by our regular collaborator, James Neilson. It's due to be shipped out on or around 30 November, with pre-orders available now. There is also a cassette version available for pre-order, with a limited run of 50 being produced. They are due to be shipped at the same time as the vinyl.

And then on top of the physical releases, we have an accompanying merch drop to give you that full Sly Moon experience. The Sly Moon Lucky Cap will give you all the good fortune you need, while also giving you the appearance of a person who has it all. It's due for release on 30 November and it's limited to a run of 50. Pre-orders are available now. If you're a Cult Member and you're ordering the cap, cassette and vinyl, you can get £5 off your order by using the code WHYAMISOSLY? at the checkout.

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By Ginger Slim


As promised, today marks the full release of the new album from CLBRKS and Morriarchi. Not content with dropping one classic in a year, now the duo return with their follow up, PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DIET. You've already been treated to a taster from the album, in the form of the CAMEL YELLOW video which emerged earlier this week, and now you can savour the full nourishment of this latest offering.

As well as the two main stars, there are also features from Bisk, Lord Apex, Conrad Mundy and Capriisun. The album is out now on all the usual streaming platforms, as well as downloads available via Bandcamp, who are waiving their fees again today. There is a limited edition double cassette version as well, which also features their first joint venture, MICROWAVE COOKING 2000. It's available now via the shop.

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dylantheinfamous - moonloops [vol. 1] cassette release

By Ginger Slim

dylantheinfamous - moonloops [vol. 1] cassette release-Blah Records
Last month we released the first official offering from dylantheinfamous, the Birmingham beat-maker who had already had a hand in a few notable Blah projects. The moonloops vol. 1 release proved very popular and we also know you all like new things, so today we have released a cassette version of the project. Featuring 23 tracks, each written, composed and produced by dylan, the run of tapes is limited to 20, so be quick if you want to get your hands on one. You can place your order now over at the shop.

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Lee Scott 'Nice Swan' Box Set available to pre-order!

By Mr. Blah

Lee Scott 'Nice Swan' Box Set Pre-Order

Recorded between the Blah Mansion in Blackburn and a bedsit somewhere in Kilburn, London using an old borrowed microphone with a sock for a pop filter and a USB soundcard.

Retrospective. Innovative. Futuristic. Vintage.

The 'Nice Swan' album is brought to you using the latest 1970s audio cassette technology and packaged in a glorious luxurious box set complete with Science defying USB Capture Cassette WALKMAN.

Also included in this awe-inspiring bundle is an exclusive Blah lanyard, to be worn only with the finest finesse and opulent aplomb while applying your exclusive 'Nice Swan' sticker (also included in this fantastic once in a life time box set) to an expensive surface of your choosing.

Such innovative and advanced technology is incredibly unstable, one wrong move and the entire universe could and will fold in on itself so we have only been able to safely manufacture 100 pieces. We may of already changed the entire course of existence but we will never know.

Call 0800-LUXURY NOW! (lines closed)



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