Lee Scott & Hyroglifics - [gate clicks shut] Pre-order + Merch

By Ginger Slim

Lee Scott & Hyroglifics - [gate clicks shut] Pre-order + Merch-Blah Records

As if you lot weren't already hyped enough about the forthcoming release of the new album from Lee Scott and Hyroglifics, we've now got pre-orders up for grabs, as well as a look at the artwork, packaging and accompanying [gate clicks shut] merch.

First up we have the limited edition vinyl, which comes with an 8 page lyric book to keep in line with the late-90's vibe that the album oozes with. Plus printed inner sleeves featuring artwork designed by Lee himself. Shipping dates will be around 18 August and you can find the pre-orders here.

There is also a cassette version of the album, which again features the full lyrics printed on the inlay card and a recycled pearl coloured tape. It's limited to 50 copies, making it a proper collector's edition. They are shipping immediately, with order info available here.

And finally we have the Lee Scott Cross Face all over print short sleeve shirt, which features the happy and sad cross faces from the artwork over woven rayon fabric, with added breast pocket sweg. Pre-orders for the shirts are available now.


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