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Cult Mountain Live at Jazz Café (Photos)

By Ginger Slim

Cult Mountain Live at Jazz Café (Photos)-Blah Records

Unless you've been sleeping for the past month, you will know that last week saw the 616 contingent roll into London's iconic Jazz Café for another teardown, as Cult Mountain reunited for their first gig in quite a while. Having split up weeks before purely so they could pull off a legitimate reunion show, Lee Scott, Milkavelli, Trellion and Sumgii hit the stage with all the debauchery, energy and sweg of Mötley Crüe c. 1985. They brought with them some of 616's finest friends and affiliates, including Nah Eeto, Stinkin Slumrok and Morriarchi. If you weren't able to catch the action in person then luckily for you we captured some of the historic takeover on camera, which you can see below. All photos taken by Harvey Fairley-Williams (IG @hwfpht).


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Cult Mountain 616 Classic Sweg Collection

By Ginger Slim

Cult Mountain 616 Classic Sweg Collection-Blah Records

Our supreme DVLGNG cult leaders have decided to grant us the opportunity to improve our miserable lives tenfold, with a fresh selection of sweg drenched clothing and accessories.

All emblazoned with the iconic Cult Mountain logo, as well as some nods to the 616 movement, these items will guarantee you a new lease of life that will see you being lauded by your family, friends, peers and even total strangers, such is their magnificence.

On offer we have the classic hoodie, thinking cap, t-shirt, indestructible shirt and drug selling side bag, all available in black and all expertly stitched by our team of Satanic seamstresses.

Pre-orders for the merch are available over on the DVLGNG site, with orders shipping around 20 June. Make sure you get involved now though, as these pieces never stick around for too long.

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Cult of The Damned - Nicole

By Ginger Slim

Cult of The Damned - Nicole-Blah Records

As Cult of the Damned gear up for what will undoubtedly be a legendary takeover at The Jazz Cafe next week, today saw the release of their latest video. Once again it's a gang affair, as the supercrew go in on a nice piece of Lee Scott production. Great video too, courtesy of Broken Antenna. Nicole is lifted from the Cult of The Damned: Part Deux album, which is available to buy now over at the Blah store. Tickets for The Jazz Cafe are available here.

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