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Lee Scott & Hyroglifics - [gate clicks shut] Pre-order + Merch

By Ginger Slim

Lee Scott & Hyroglifics - [gate clicks shut] Pre-order + Merch-Blah Records

As if you lot weren't already hyped enough about the forthcoming release of the new album from Lee Scott and Hyroglifics, we've now got pre-orders up for grabs, as well as a look at the artwork, packaging and accompanying [gate clicks shut] merch.

First up we have the limited edition vinyl, which comes with an 8 page lyric book to keep in line with the late-90's vibe that the album oozes with. Plus printed inner sleeves featuring artwork designed by Lee himself. Shipping dates will be around 18 August and you can find the pre-orders here.

There is also a cassette version of the album, which again features the full lyrics printed on the inlay card and a recycled pearl coloured tape. It's limited to 50 copies, making it a proper collector's edition. They are shipping immediately, with order info available here.

And finally we have the Lee Scott Cross Face all over print short sleeve shirt, which features the happy and sad cross faces from the artwork over woven rayon fabric, with added breast pocket sweg. Pre-orders for the shirts are available now.

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New Merch Alert

By Ginger Slim

New Merch Alert-Blah Records

Once again, we return with a fresh batch of clothing to keep you looking super sweg as our winter coats retreat back into the wardrobe for another few months. Three new items in total, starting off with a new Cult of The Damned t-shirt. They are available in black or white, and feature the Screw The World logo on the front and back. They are limited to 100 of each and the official release was on Friday, so head over to the shop now if you want to secure yours. You can place your orders here.

There is also a brand new COTD hoodie, which features the Cult logo on the front and a graphic design on the back, which you can see in the photo below. They are 100% cotton and the imagery is screen-printed. These are limited to 200 and you can find them here.

And last but by no means least, some much needed and long-awaited Blah monogram socks. Adorned with the classic Blah logo in green, meaning you can finally represent the Cult from head to toe. Find them in the shop here.

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Obscure Liqueurs Merch Release

By Ginger Slim

Obscure Liqueurs Merch Release-Blah Records

To celebrate the release of Jam Baxter's latest album, we have just dropped a couple of new pieces of merch to give you the full Obscure Liqueurs experience. First up we've got the Obscure Liqueurs sweatshirt, which features the awesome album artwork, as designed by Jenna Andreotti. It's 100% cotton and is limited to a run of 50, so get a move on if you want one. They are available to order now over at the shop.

Then next, we have the official O.L. scarf, which comes with a double-sided design and measures just under 1.5m long, for that maximum neck warmth. Limited to 100, they're available to order now via the shop.


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Cult of The Damned ft. CLBRKS - Gung Foo // Worship

By Ginger Slim

Cult of The Damned ft. CLBRKS - Gung Foo // Worship-Blah Records

Epic scenes emerged from the Cult on Friday, as we unveiled the latest instalment of sweg drenched visuals from COTD. Not content with bringing one new track to the table, the gang released a double-whammy of a video, featuring TWO brand new songs. And what with Christmas fast approaching, we thought we'd make it an extended family affair, as CLBRKS joins in with the merriment. The video comes courtesy of Lee Scott and Honey JD. Gung Foo is produced by Lee Scott, Jack Chard and Bisk, and Worship features production from Lee and Jack. The tracks are lifted from the forthcoming COTD project, The Church Of; more new on that soon.

As well as the two singles, we've also released two new bits of clothing as accompanying merch, including a Gung Foo hoodie and a Worship t-shirt. Both items are limited edition, so get a move on if you want to cop one (or both!).

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Sly Moon - LP & Merch News

By Ginger Slim

Sly Moon - LP & Merch News-Blah Records

Not content with one Sly post today, now we bring you news of his vinyl release, as well as some affiliated merch, which just landed at HQ. The vinyl version of the album comes in a luxurious picture disc edition, as you can see from the photo below, and is limited to a run of 200. The artwork is by our regular collaborator, James Neilson. It's due to be shipped out on or around 30 November, with pre-orders available now. There is also a cassette version available for pre-order, with a limited run of 50 being produced. They are due to be shipped at the same time as the vinyl.

And then on top of the physical releases, we have an accompanying merch drop to give you that full Sly Moon experience. The Sly Moon Lucky Cap will give you all the good fortune you need, while also giving you the appearance of a person who has it all. It's due for release on 30 November and it's limited to a run of 50. Pre-orders are available now. If you're a Cult Member and you're ordering the cap, cassette and vinyl, you can get £5 off your order by using the code WHYAMISOSLY? at the checkout.

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Four New T-shirt Designs Now in Stock

By Ginger Slim

What better way to push back against the big grey days that have seemingly taken over our lives, than with a new range of sweg drenched t-shirts. There are a total of four new designs on offer, kicking off with the official MANNYFORNIA tee, in honour of Black Josh's most recent album. It features the album artwork on the front, with the tracklist on the reverse. They're available now over at the shop.

Next up we've got a fersh FUNKADELIA design for you acid freaks and hippy kids out there. A take on the old Funkadelic designs of yesteryear, it's the perfect way to remind your parents of when they used to be cool. It comes in white, with that striking design on the reverse and a Blah Records motif on the front. They're available now from the store.

The next new design is a homage to the Extreme Championship Wrestling ogo, complete with barbed wire fill. It comes in black with a potent pink Blah logo on the front, representing BCW. They're also available over at the shop.

And finally, we've got the Blah Paint Drip t-shirt. This one features a small Blah logo on the middle of the chest and a large Blah Jar design on the reverse, complete with paint drips. It's available in burgundy and you can cop them over at the store right now.

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Solid Silver Blah Jar Pendants Coming Soon

By Ginger Slim

Solid Silver Blah Jar Pendants Coming Soon-Blah Records

We have a very special new drop en route, thanks to this latest collaboration with Loki By Lyza. Taking our cherished Blah Jar emblem and turning it into an actual tangible pendant seemed like the ideal plan, so that's exactly what we've done. Each jar is made from solid silver, has a screw top lid and enough storage space for 0.5g of, well whatever you want really. They will be made to order and more news on that will follow shortly.


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GROUP - Everything I Know ft. Lord Apex

By Ginger Slim

GROUP - Everything I Know ft. Lord Apex-Blah Records

New music from the newly formed GROUP. Everything I know is the first track from their forthcoming debut, 1, which is the first of four vinyl releases. The track also features an appearance from the mighty Lord Apex. You can watch the visual below and streams/downloads are also available. More news on the full release and an accompanying batch of merch coming soon.

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