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News: Capriisun

CLBRKS x Morriarchi - Microwave Cooking 2000 (Stream)

By Ginger Slim

CLBRKS x Morriarchi - Microwave Cooking 2000 (Stream)-Blah Records

Another Friday, another new release, as we unveil the new full-length collaboration between CLBRKS and Morriarchi. Having already blessed us with a couple of tasty singles along the way, we can now indulge ourselves with a full serving of Microwave Cooking 2000. As you would expect, the album comes with a strong Blah contingent in tow, with CL and Morri bringing in Bisk, Capriisun, Lee, Conrad Mundy and Obijuan to assist, resulting in a heady blend of styles but each complemented perfectly thanks to Morriarchi's as ever on point production. You can hear the album in full below, with downloads and physicals available from the usual spots.

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By Ginger Slim

CLBRKS & Morriarchi ft. CAPRIISUN - BONITO-Blah Records

Help stave off the self-isolation induced madness with the latest video from CLBRKS and Morriarchi, as they continue to build the hype for their forthcoming album. On Bonito, the duo have teamed up with fellow Cult affiliate, Capriisun, as he and CLBRKS get to work on some slick down-tempo production from Morriarchi. Combined with the video, which was shot on location in Lisbon, the whole vibe should be nice enough to crush your Covid blues. More news on the album coming soon. Pre-orders for the vinyl version of the album are available now via the shop.

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CLBRKS & Morriarchi - Microwave Cooking 2000 LP News

By Ginger Slim

CLBRKS & Morriarchi - Microwave Cooking 2000 LP News-Blah Records

Following on from the arrival of the new video from CLBRKS and Morriarchi last week, today we are pleased to reveal more info about their forthcoming album. Microwave Cooking 2000 is set for release on 27 March, accompanied by some particularly sweg and timely artwork, courtesy of Blah photography favourite, Harvey W-F (@hwfpht). As well as the two main stars of the attraction, there will also be some finely selected contributions from Lee Scott, Obijuan, Conrad Mundy, Capriisun and Bisk. Plus the album will be available in a stunning limited edition vinyl version, which is available to order now over at the shop. Stay tuned for more album news coming soon. 

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