CLBRKS x Morriarchi - Microwave Cooking 2000 (Stream)

By Ginger Slim

CLBRKS x Morriarchi - Microwave Cooking 2000 (Stream)-Blah Records

Another Friday, another new release, as we unveil the new full-length collaboration between CLBRKS and Morriarchi. Having already blessed us with a couple of tasty singles along the way, we can now indulge ourselves with a full serving of Microwave Cooking 2000. As you would expect, the album comes with a strong Blah contingent in tow, with CL and Morri bringing in Bisk, Capriisun, Lee, Conrad Mundy and Obijuan to assist, resulting in a heady blend of styles but each complemented perfectly thanks to Morriarchi's as ever on point production. You can hear the album in full below, with downloads and physicals available from the usual spots.


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