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By Ginger Slim

Become a Cult Member Today-Blah Records

The rumours are true. You can now become an official member of the cult and enjoy all the benefits that come with such an esteemed lifestyle choice. For a simple monthly fee, you can enjoy tiered benefits based on how much you're willing to donate to the cause. Tier 1 members will be given the option of early orders on all new merch and music, while tier 2 members - AKA Sweg Level 9000+ Cult Members - will have the same benefits as tier 1 plus a whole bunch of other sweg stuff. They will include early access to tickets for live shows, a monthly 10% discount on any order from the Blah store (limited to one per month) and an annual free physical copy of any Blah Records release of your choice. For a list of the full benefits available and for the membership form itself, please head here.


  • How do i Email You.

    Izzy on

  • Cult Member

    Nykari on

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    ydqgvurlju on

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