Blah Records x Suspect Packages (Partnership)

By Professor Blah

Blah Records x Suspect Packages (Partnership)-Blah Records


Blah is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Suspect Packages. From now on, SP will handle and dispatch all Blah orders made on this website from its UK location.

Suspect Packages started in 1996, as a mail order mixtape company. They are the now the largest online retailer of Hip Hop from the UK.

Disorda, who runs SP, is a bit of a legendary figure among Hip Hop circles in the UK. He is a DJ as well as one of the longest standing and most trusted champions of the Hip Hop scene in Britain. We are proud that he has become the official Bossman of the Blah supply chain.

His experience in dispatch and distribution since 1996 will massively improve the service that Blah offers to you. This means no more delays in sending orders and you will always be communicated with promptly.

Disorda will dispatch all Blah orders and will also be the point of contact over at the email address. For any queries or issues you may have with your current order, or for any general info about anything to do with shipping/dispatch, Disorda is your guy.

While this transition happens, we just ask that you kindly remain patient for a couple of weeks to give us enough time to get to grips with the new arrangement. This means that while the shop will remain open, we won't be shipping any orders made until another week or two (estimated shipping resume date 15th October). Also, any current outstanding orders that have been made recently will also be delayed.

We are also in the process of opening a new Royal Mail Business Account, which is great news for you because it means that our shipping prices will become significantly cheaper, especially if you are based outside of the UK. The new shipping features that we'll be able to offer, especially for Tracking and Returns will also improve the level of service we offer.

Everything will be set up and ready to go soon. Thank you for your patience.

For more info about our Shipping please visit here or contact


- Professor Blah


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