Cult of The Damned - OFFIE Video + Vinyl

By Ginger Slim

Cult of The Damned - OFFIE Video + Vinyl-Blah Records

It's been a while since we treated you to some new COTD material, so today we bring you a brand new video from the crew, plus some merch and vinyl news.

OFFIE is the first we've heard from the Cult since their 2018 album, but as you will see and hear, they have lost none of that unbridled raw sweg energy in the interim. Featuring Lee, Milk, Barebase, Shakes, Grubb, Sly Moon and Salar, plus some suitably gritty production from Lee and Wholesome Fun, this is COTD in their purest form.

The video was released to coincide with the new COTD vinyl that has just gone up for pre-order, as well as a new logo tee, which you can see in the video being worn to devastating effect. Both the vinyl and t-shirt are available to order now.


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