Jam Baxter x Lee Scott - FML (After Hours Mix)

By Ginger Slim

Jam Baxter x Lee Scott - FML (After Hours Mix)-Blah Records

For a while now, rumours of a collaboration between Lee Scott and Jam Baxter have been rife, but any further details have been scarce and even the two artists themselves seemed hesitant to speak out. Today though the first piece of the puzzle was put in place, in the form of a new video purportedly connected to the mysterious project. FML. (After Hours Mix) sees the two MCs trading verses and booze in a dusty Spanish bar, peppered with scenes of them drunkenly exploring the nearby coastline. The blissed out, slightly woozy production comes courtesy of Lee Scott and the video was made by This & That Media. The release date for the album, Happy Hour at The Super Fun Time Party Dome Megamix 4000, is scheduled for 13 September.


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