Lee Scott & Morriarchi - Friend, Come to Me and be saved

By Ginger Slim

Lee Scott & Morriarchi - Friend, Come to Me and be saved-Blah Records

Years ago, when the world was a simpler place and the threat of killer viruses was confined to Hollywood plot lines, Lee Scott and Morriarchi began working on an album that would come to shake up the world's major religions, further cementing Lee's place as some sort of messianic woolly back in the process. As with many historical artistic turning points, the album was delayed until a time when Lee and Morri felt that the world would need it most. That time is now and so we are pleased to present, Friend, Come to Me and be saved, in all its heavenly glory. Featuring the two mains players and a selection of worthy disciples - King Grubb, Milkavelli and Black Josh - the album is available to savour now (and save you now) on Spotify and Bandcamp, as well as physical manifestations which you can acquire via the shop. You can also stream the album in full below.


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