Happy Hour At The Super Fun Time Party Dome Megamix 4000 (Stream)

By Ginger Slim

Happy Hour At The Super Fun Time Party Dome Megamix 4000 (Stream)-Blah Records

The day has finally arrived where you can experience and savour all the weird and wonderful eccentricities of the new album from Jam Baxter and Lee Scott. Rumours of the collaboration had been banded about long before any official announcement was made and then when the title was revealed, cult members across the globe let their imaginations run wild with what the album might actually hold in store. Now all their questions have been answered and their dreams have come true, as the full majesty of this left field booze fuelled project is unveiled. The album features a wild mix of beats from a cavalcade of production luminaries, including Drae Da Skimask, GhostTown, Dirty Dike, Sumgii, Jack Jetson and of course, Baxter and Lee themselves. There are also a number of vocal contributions too from Jetson, Lyza Jane, Stinkin Slumrok, Milkavelli, Trellion and Lizzie Venezia, as well as a number of crooning appearances from Lee. Plus, Blah's in-house music wizard, Jack Chard, provides a lot of the instrumentation.The album is out now on digital, which you can stream in full below and there is also a limited edition vinyl run, which is available over on the Blah store.



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